Thursday, August 20, 2009

Due Date: March 18th

Yes, yes, yes! Baby #2 will make its way into our family sometime around March 18th! We are so excited (obviously) and were shocked to learn that I am already 10 weeks along! I thought I was barely seven weeks. Definitely not complaining that there's only 30 weeks to go....and only 8 weeks until we find out the sex!

I went into the ultrasound room and told the nurse that I was thinking it could be twins because I am already having problems getting my pants to button. She started the ultrasound and for the LONGEST time didn't say a word! I was getting really nervous. Then she smiled and said, "Well, there's only one...and you're outgrowing your clothes because you're not at 7 weeks - you're at 10!"

We are thrilled beyond belief and I'm just walking on clouds today!