Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Worth It

Clint is smack in the middle of planting season, which means he has been working 12-15 hours/day, 6 days a week. AAHH!! One of the hard things for me about planting season is that we don't have a meal where we all sit down together. We have been picking up quick meals here and there, mainly because I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and teach all day and don't feel like cooking when I get home. However, tonight I said ENOUGH! I wanted a wholesome meal and I wanted us all to eat together! I started cooking at 4:30 and didn't we didn't sit down to eat until Clint got home at 6:30. Although I can't seem to find my ankles, it was so worth it! A nice meal that we all ate together. AND there's leftovers for tomorrow.

Happy (Sunburnt, Overworked) Husband

The Delicious Meal

Other news:

I went to and had our blog from 2007 published into a hardcover book. I refuse to scrapbook and can't even seem to print out pictures, so now I have a record of our adventures from 2007! I plan to do 2008 and 2009 over the next couple of months. It literally took 5 minutes to get it done. Perfect!

Also...monogrammed diaper bag!! I found a great deal at Life's Little Treasures and I'm very pleased with the results. Girly, but not over-the-top pink.

Jack. We went to the doctor yesterday because he's been waking up struggling for breath. Diagnosis: Croup (doesn't that sound like the 1800's??) He doesn't have to have medication, though. Just sleep with the humidifier and it should go away! I wanted to get it all checked out before Sydney gets here. We took pictures in the doctor's office to make the wait go by faster.

Pregnancy: 2 weeks left of work and 5 weeks left until she arrives! My belly is rather...huge. Today I was walking in the hallway at school going to lunch and I heard this "moo-ing" sound. I thought that surely it was my imagination. But then I heard a group of boys laughing and the "moo-ing" sound came again, loud and clear. Needless to say, I confronted the boy that was doing the horrible sound and found out his name and wrote him up to the office. Teenage boys shouldn't mess with me right now. I'm cranky. It was the funniest office referral I can ever imagine writing: Student "mooed" at me in the hallway.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Friends

Last weekend we had our good friends from Mississippi, the Longs, come visit! John and Clint left for the marsh Friday night and hunted all day Saturday, while Leanne, Jack, Mary Audrey, and I made hairbows and played around the house. When we left Starkville, Leanne was six months pregnant with Mary Audrey, and just look at that beautiful TODDLER girl now!! She definitely makes me excited about having a girl in a few weeks. We look forward to seeing them again soon....although it never seems like we've spent any time away once we get back together. But of course, that's how it is with dear friends.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Updates

It's been cold here in Alexandria! We hit a record 16 degrees yesterday, but Rapides Parish was still in school. Honestly, I was thrilled because I don't think I could take a whole day of not being able to go outside with Jack. I don't hibernate very well! I'm very ready for it to warm up. Our dog is miserable, and I'm miserable with her inside and whining all night. Last night either Clint or I were up every 2-3 hours to get her quiet or let her potty. I seriously felt like we had a newborn in the house! If it weren't so darn cold, I would have kicked her back outside with no regrets.

Pregnancy update: Here are the ultrasounds from 26 and 30 weeks. My placenta previa (click on term to get medical description) is still being classified as "complete" so I get to see precious Sydney every four weeks! She is a very active baby, so they have a hard time getting any good pictures of her face. We'll try again at 34 weeks! Thank goodness for great insurance or we would have racked up some serious ultrasound bills by now. Sydney looks great and they even saw some fuzzy hair growing! As for me, I feel great and I'm starting to get anxious about the end of the pregnancy. I'll have a C-section at 38 weeks, and we'll pray for no drama before that...ha!

26 weeks: I wanted them to make sure that she was, in fact, a girl. She is!

30 weeks:

Jack update: I must admit that I've been a terrible mother this week. We've been coming home from school and bundling up on the couch and watching cartoons a lot. It's just too cold to go do anything around town or outside. Wednesday we went to Books-a-Million and I read a book while he played with trains. Other than that, it's been blankets and Mickey.

My birthday is on the 20th, and I've reminded Clint many times through emails, texts, and notes that I really wanted this cookbook. I guess he got tired of hearing about it, so he gave it to me yesterday! I'm planning on copying Whitney's idea, (which is really from Julie and Julia) and cooking every recipe in the book during 2010! This morning I cooked "Eggs in a Hole" and they were fabulous. Just fabulous. I will be making them again.

So there, you're updated with nothing exciting. I'll try to do better of taking pictures this week!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Break Creations

What a wonderful perk of being a school teacher...2 whole weeks off! I love the week after Christmas. All the get-togethers are over, the Christmas decorations are put away, and I have a whole week to play with Jack and relax. I love Jack's schedule. He takes one nap a day that lasts about 2 1/2 hours. During that 2 1/2 hours I have been sewing things for Sydney Kaye. I cannot wait for her to get here!

Monday...Dress #1

Tuesday: Hairbows (I still need some more practice, but I'm getting the hang of it!)

Thursday: Dress #2

Saturday: Fancy burp cloths

The other days of the week (Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday) I sewed some things for her nursery. I want to do one big reveal when it's all put together.

Also...Happy New Years! Clint has had to work a lot this week - we're back at planting season - so we had a very low key family New Years. Jack lit a few sparklers and we were all in bed by 9:30. Ha!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Decade in Review, Part 2

* Moved to Keeley Lane in Choudrant, LA and had a year-long blast with Josh and J'Nell, and Ben and Lindsey.
* Spent 4th of July with the gang at Steven Knapp's family's place on the lake.
* Planned to celebrate our one year anniversary in Houston, but Hurricane Katrina ruined it. Clint surprised me with a weekend in Natchez instead.
* Hurricane Rita blew through and Terry came and stayed with us for a few days.
* The whole crew got roped into helping Steven Knapp remodel his home. He would call it "Paint Blast 2005" or "Tile Fest 2005" and make it seem like a party just to get people to come over a help.
* Spent lots of fun times with the Phillips family. Made me realize I wanted a big family and I wanted to be just like Mrs. Andrea.

* Started bringing a whole crew of kids to FBC Ruston. We started with just a couple of kids and by the time it ended we were up to 15 or more. Two or three of them came to know Christ, which made those scary van rides well worth it.
* Clint was offered a great assistanship at MSU and we decided to take it.
* Conclave was at Tech and Clint was in charge. A very busy spring.
* Moved to Starkville, MS where we knew one person.
* Took a three week crash course in Tupelo, MS to get certified to teach. Got a middle school English job in Columbus.
* Decided to wait another year to start a family.
* Found out I was pregnant all along.
* Cried almost every day of my first semester teaching and sent 45 kids to the office.
* Clint took a refereeing job and a Catfish One job to help support new baby.
* Spent a lot of time at the Long's house while Clint worked all the time. Couldn't have made it without John and Leanne!

* Teaching got a little easier
* Had Jack in April. The next few months is a blur of bottles, naps, and diapers.
* Returned to Lee Middle School in August as a team leader.
* Still cried once a week and vowed never to teach again.

* Clint became very busy with dissertation and end of program classes.
* Found out Leanne was pregnant and was ecstatic. Threw a surprise baby shower.
* Clint was offered jobs in DeRidder and Alexandria, and we prayed a lot.
* Decided on Alexandria.
* Moved away from Starkville. Very sad times.
* Got a job at ASH teaching Biology and got Jack into Calvary Day Care.
* Visited a thousand church trying to find our niche.
* Finally decided on Calvary Baptist Church and we love it!
* Decided we were ready for another baby
* Hurricane Gustav came through, cancelling a week of school. I learned to sew while stuck in the apartment for a week.
* Bought a house with a big yard. We love it!

* Struggled with infertility issues. Got some bad test results and decided to adopt.
* Found out I was pregnant
* Sewed a lot.
* Found out It's a Girl!
* Lots of time playing with Jack: "The days are long but the years are short."
* Took a mini-family vacation to Baton Rouge where we went to a water park and stayed with Jenn and Drew.
* Counting down weeks to Sydney Kaye!

The Next Ten Years...
* Have more kids...biological and adopted.
* Get a master's degree in something
* Go on a mission trip with Clint
* Become involved in whatever my kids are into.
* Share Jesus with my coworkers and students.

I look forward to seeing what God will do in the next ten years of my life. He is in control and as long as I am pursuing His will and living life to further His kingdom, my life will be interesting!

Decade in Review

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought it was a great way to record what God has done in my life over the past ten years. It was fun to sit down and let the memories flood in! I encourage you to do this, also.

* Played soccer on the very first DHS soccer team. Had a blast with Misti, Melissa, and Robyn.
* Got my driver's license and went down the wrong way on a one-way the very first day.
* Went to prom with Jared and thought I was hot stuff.
* Dated this guy named Heath. My dad told me not to....I should have listened.
* Lifeguarded at West Park Pool with Robyn, Christian, Jared, and Josh. This is where I became addicted to Diet Coke.
* Went to Honduras for two weeks with Robin Pollard and groups from FBC DeRidder and a church in Mississippi. Thought I was in love with a Honduran named Memo.
* Gained weight and signed up for cross country.
* Went to homecoming with Matt Young. Best "friend date" ever!

* Played lots of tennis and soccer.
* Went to a weekend retreat at Dry Creek Baptist Camp and met a really nice guy who was using a cane from a recently broken hip.
* Went to YEC and visited with friends in that youth group just to try and talk to that guy.
* FBC DeRidder youth group was having problems and my parents agreed to let me go to Dry Creek Baptist Church on Wednesday nights because Britney Glaser was there.
* Asked the nice guy to prom and he said yes.
* Was a staffer at DCBC.
* Clint and I started dating that summer.
* Went to a Halloween party not knowing there would be alcohol. Beer bottle busted through Clint's dad's truck window. Try explaining that to Curt and DeDe.
* Went through some awful family stuff. Glad I wasn't alone through it all.
* Got on homecoming court and my best friend Courtney won queen.
* Hit a teacher in the parking lot.

* Still played lots of tennis. Went to state and made it to the quarterfinals.
* Went to DHS and EBHS proms with Clint.
* Made a decision about college - How 'Bout them Dawgs!
* Clint decided on Louisiana College.
* Was a staffer at DCBC again that summer; Clint went to South Carolina as a summer missionary.
* Started school at Tech.
* Broke up with Clint and ate lots of ice cream. Thought my life was over.
* Got back with him 3 weeks later and knew I'd marry him.
* Had lots of fun times with Katie, Corinne, and Ashley that I'll never forget.
* Survived Ghetto Graham.
* Changed my major twice.

* Changed my major again.
* Took many trips to LC and Clint to Tech. Thank goodness Adam Terry had an apartment where Clint stayed many weekends.
* Clint decided to transfer to Tech.
* We both decided to go to South Carolina. I went to Beaufort and he went to Greenville. We still didn't see each other all summer.
* Went to Colorado and hiked miles and miles.
* Moved into the Winona house with Courtnie, Susan, Ashley, and Ashley. Fun times were had.
* Thought I was getting a ring for Christmas.

* Got engaged.
* Agonized over school and wedding details.
* Moved home for the summer and worked at Beauregard Memorial Hospital as a phlebotomist. Had no idea what I was doing.
* Got married and honeymooned to Seaside, FL.
* Moved into an awful apartment and adjusted to life with a boy.
* Worked at LaTech School of Forestry. Kept trying to quit, but they kept giving me raises.

Check back later with the second half of the decade.