Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This spring/summer was Jack's first year of baseball (well, let's not get ahead of ourselves...teewee). He loved every minute of it! At first the season seemed like it would be too intense. The other parents voted to have practice twice a week, as well as the games being twice a week. Thankfully, after a couple of weeks everyone backed off. Whew! I mean, let's be honest, three or four times a week is just ridiculous for a four-year-old. (What am I going to do when he's in high school and it's for hours and hours a week....oh goodness.)

He was so enthusiastic about every practice and every game. We still have quite a ways to go on skills, but the excitement for the game will go a long way with him!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

We took a long weekend trip (Saturday - Tuesday) to Seaside, Florida. This is where Clint and I took our honeymoon and we were so excited to bring the whole family back this year! In case you've never heard of it, Seaside is a beach community where you can rent cottages that come with kitchens, washers/dryers, and are all either on the beach or right within walking distance. We splurged on our accommodations, but our tradeoff is that we only ate out once (which is actually a good thing with our boisterous crew). We can't wait to go back in a few years!

Our "romantic bedroom" (HA!) With babies surrounding the queen bed, we rotated who got to sleep with Jack on the sofa bed.

Clint grilling on Father's Day.

The twice-a-day sunscreen routine.

The best family picture we could get.

Eating at The Back Porch in Destin. Excellent food and all three kids were cooperative for about 8 minutes. So glad we had a kitchen and didn't have to fight a restaurant every meal!

Best picture I could get with Jack and Sydney

Waiting on our delicious Father's Day steaks!!

Sydney ended up loving the beach. She would rub sand all over her hair and body. At one point she was even eating handfuls of it. Gross!! Kaden hated it. Pure, intense hatred.

I love how the salty air curled their hair up!

"So, Kaden, will we be good in the restaurant or make them miserable?"

And my wave-fighting Jack. He played so incredibly hard the whole time we were there. He would punch, kick, and body-slam the waves. He brings me so much joy!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm SO in trouble

Quick story mainly for myself because I don't want to forget it :)

We were at Target today and strolled through the shoe aisle (who doesn't?) and saw this precious pair of baby girl sandals. Sydney happened to be barefoot, so I put the sandals on her feet. She grinned and laughed and was down right giddy about her feet in those shoes. She would smile at me and say "look!" and point to her feet. Well, the sandals were over priced, impractical, and looked VERY uncomfortable to walk in. So, I took the sandals back off and put them on the shelf.

I wasn't expecting her reaction.

She looked panicked, screamed MOOMMMMYYYYY and was reaching for the sandals. Her face scrunched up, turned deep red, and she let out a wail and a furious grunt all while reaching desperately for the sandals.

We walked away, her screaming and pleading with her eyes and me explaining to a FIFTEEN-MONTH-OLD that those sandals were not in our budget and would not match very many outfits.

Who IS this kid???

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Say Y-E-S to VBS

Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church, and this was the first year that Jack was an actual VBS student, not just a teacher's-kid-stuck-in-the-nursery. He had an absolute BLAST and was disappointed this evening when I told him that tomorrow will be just another old boring "home day." He said that making Jell-O would liven up the day. I agree.

His teachers did an excellent job. He learned many Bible stories and his little heart is starting to wonder about significant spiritual issues. One day last week he asked me how to get to heaven. Just out of the blue, while I was folding laundry he hollered that question to me from across the house. Made my heart stop.

We are so thankful for our church and for the time and effort so many volunteers put into VBS. But more importantly, we are thankful for the work the Holy Spirit did in the lives of many children and their families.

All three kids' pictures on the fridge. Sydney LOVES to look at them and just giggle.
Jack in his classroom.

Dark picture, but this was the stage at our church. So much work and talent went into this!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Work Smart, Not Hard.


Hey everyone! Since school has been out, I have been super busy getting a new at-home business going. I will be doing custom embroidery/sewing! I've started a blog - be a "follower" and watch as I learn and grow! Hop on over to Stitched!