Monday, February 25, 2013

Perfectly Purple Party

Sydney turned three on Friday! We celebrated with birthday doughnuts, a scooter, and some new outfits. I had to work Friday, so she had a little party at daycare with grape CapriSuns and purple cupcakes!  On Saturday, we had a small birthday party for her...a Perfectly Purple Party! Sydney has talked about having a "purple birthday party" for MONTHS!
Everything was purple, from the drinks to the cupcakes, from the tablecloths to the feather boas each girl could wear. I have tried to stock up on purple things since Miss Sydney made her request!

 The girls from her Sunday School class were invited, along with the baby girl cousins. MeMe even wore her purple church dress! Sydney was so thrilled about all of her friends being there.

Each girl got to decorate a purple visor with foam stickers, then watercolor paint. We then opened presents and ate purple cupcakes and drank purple KoolAid. It was such a fun party to plan, and Sydney had a wonderful time!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

All About Jack

See? I told you I would write one about Jack.

Jack is usually high on life. Doesn't matter what is going on in life, he always has a celebratory attitude.

I have a lot to learn from him.

Jack's current favorite things:

1. Festive decorations. If I had all the time and money in the world, Jack would have me decorate the house from top to bottom for every holiday on the calendar. Christmas, Presidents Day, Independence Day....the kid loves holiday decor. Even at almost-six-years-old, he will notice a wreath on someone's front door and say "Hey, could we get one of those?" And not in a oh-no-i'm-concerned-my-kid-is-too-into-girly-stuff way....but he just LOVES for things to be decorated for the current season.

2. Schoolwork. I need to soak up this stage!! I know his current enthusiasm for homework and reading will soon wane. The other day he hopped in the van and I asked if he had homework. When he responded that he didn't, I cheered. He was very disappointed that I could possibly think that no homework was something to cheer about. I mean, come on, mom. Homework is awesome.

3. Trampoline. Best. purchase. ever. I can say "Go outside and jump on the trampoline with Teddy" and he will run outside without thinking twice!! Also, it is a super fun toy for when people come over. And now Sydney has decided that the trampoline is not Mommy's new form of torture, and it thrills Jack to no end that his little sister will jump with him and ooh and aah over his tricks. Which she does.

4. Speaking of little sisters....we DO have a placement right now. I cannot, will not blog about her, but you may call her Goose :) She is just over a year old, and is so much fun. At first Jack was not thrilled about ANOTHER girl (seeing as our last placement was a girl, and we have acquired two female pets in the last six months), but now he has figured out that he gets all kinds of time with Clint just because he is the only boy. And he has placed a huge responsibility on himself to watch after his little sisters. Jack adores her, except when she messes with his stuff.....which she does :)

I still cannot figure out why my pictures won't rotate!! Very frustrating.

Here is Jack at the Woodworth Mardi Gras parade. For just a ten-minute parade, we all certainly got a lot of beads!!

Haircut day! I was surprised that he wanted her to style his hair into a mohawk.

Pulling his float at his school's Mardi Gras parade.