Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! Blogger is SUPER slow tonight, so I can't upload all the pictures from the week, but here's some from today. We've been sick with the stomach bug this week, and today we all felt better so we continued on with our Thanksgiving plans!

Today after the annual Terry Harrisonburg Thanksgiving breakfast, we went out to Springridge and took some pictures that I hoped would work for Christmas cards. Springridge is the church and burial site for many of the Terry family members. Jack really didn't want to cooperate, but Sydney was a ham!

Our family. Sydney and Jack look mad, Jack looks super skinny from vomiting for 24 hours, I look exhausted, and Clint looks great. Oh well, we'll try again later.

Sydney loves to have her picture made! And she loves her doll. It won't be long before she won't let me make her holiday shirts, but I loved making one for her first Thanksgiving! Thanks, Kristen, for the idea!

And a little hair yoyo to match!

When Jack decided to cooperate with pictures, this was the pose he wanted....on a bench with his arm around a tombstone. Sorry, Jack...that's not gonna make the Christmas card.

But aren't they so sweet together?? I will always treasure this age with them. I pray they will always be so loving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little People Nativity

We bought a Little People Nativity set for Jack and Sydney for Christmas and let them open it last week. Jack loves to "role play" with anything that he can boss around, so we knew he would love the nativity set. I told him the Christmas story using the Little People to act it out, then let him play on his own while I worked around the house. He loved acting out different parts of the story (especially when the innkeeper tells Mary that he doesn't have any room and that she would have to sleep with the animals).

Here are a couple of other random Jack pictures:
He loves to dress in random accessories.

We had the youth over for lunch today. Jack LOVES to have people over to the house, especially to show off his toys and his room. He played so hard, then crashed when they left. Ha!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Things

There's a patch of our front yard that won't grow grass.....
And I'm okay with that.
Jack thinks it's his personal dirt track for all of his trucks and cars. He played out there for an hour without a break, just making tracks and racing. Precious!

Sydney playing with her toys. If you don't put her on her belly, she's oh so happy. She is still obsessed with her teacher, Ms. Michelle. In fact, we joke that she refuses to be mobile because that means she would have to move to the next class.....without Ms. Michelle. It would be a heartbreaking day!

And, drumroll please........

Our completed foster care room!!!

Twin bed and bookcase chocked full of children's books. Also, a CD player for lullabies, rock-out sessions, etc.

Shelves that are holding birdhouses and teddy bears, a rocking chair for bedtime stories, nightlight to scare away monsters, and a cross...because that's the reason behind it all.

I finished the curtains tonight (made out of a fabric shower curtain - so easy and tons of fabric left over for a matching blanket!) and the benchseat with baskets for toys.

Of course, we may change a few details depending on the age and gender of the child (I found these vintage superhero posters at Walmart that I'm a little obsessed with) but I think it's fairly gender-friendly and downright homey. I have my big interview with our home development worker on Wednesday and Clint has his next Monday. After that, we will just wait for her to get everything in the computer and we'll be ready to go! {Insert freak-out, insane face here}

Seriously, we both feel that we are on the brink of exciting, trying times for our family. We covet your prayers, your encouragement, and your love. Our hope and prayer is that God will receive the glory for our obedience, and that people will come to Christ.