Sunday, January 27, 2013

All About Syd

My pictures won't rotate.  And I'm too tired to care :)

Our little-almost-three-year-old girl has kept us on our toes since she was born.

I mean, right from day one, she went to the NICU for a few days. I swear that is what triggered the "princess syndrome" we are still dealing with.....and probably will for the next two decades. She had a nurse that she only shared with one other baby and we all just doted on her for weeks and weeks. When she did come home from the hospital, her daddy went and bought a beautiful bassinet so she could be at arm's length at all times. And he bought a wipe warmer, and a dozen other royalty-like items.

Ya think Jack had a wipe warmer??

That's my point.

Daddies and their girls.

Well, Sydney has turned into the most hilarious, intelligent, delightful child.  At home. See?


In public, she is well.......less than delightful.

This was her very first, real, haircut in an actual place that was not the bathroom floor given by me or Aunt Laura. She freaked, y'all. I mean, sweating, trembling, caused a horrific scene. It was terrible. But it was a memory!!
But, then again, how could you really stay mad at someone who smiles at you like this while you're getting the oil changed:
A few nights ago, she was taking a bath while I was cleaning the kitchen. (Don't worry about her getting hurt. She wouldn't EVER put her head under water in a million years. And if the water did turn even the slightest degree of warm, the sweet McGuffees who live way behind us would hear her scream before she was even in danger of being  burned.....sigh.)
I digress.
She was singing at the top of her lungs "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a witch like meeeee!!!"
She was singing this lovely rendition of a wonderful song after a very long day of being.....Sydney. Maybe a little witch-like that day. Just sayin'.
But as we are raising our precious daughter, she is coming closer to the age of understanding that she is, in fact, a witch wretch. A sinner, in need of grace. And one day, we pray she will come to the full understanding that Jesus saved her, in all of her wretchedness.
In the meantime, as we parent this wonderful blessing of Sydney Kaye Iles,
This momma needs plenty of grace :)

Monday, January 14, 2013


I have a real incentive now to keep up with the blog...Clint's parents are in Africa for the next two years! My goal is to update every Monday with pictures/stories of the week. Over Christmas, I looked through my blog books from 2007-2011, and I was so upset that I did such a horrible job of keeping up with the ol' blog in 2012!!

And, in true beginning-of-the-year form, I shall document my 2013 goals and dreams(probably just to laugh at my ambitions when the year rolls in 2014):

  • Be more disciplined with daily Bible Study and prayer journaling.
  • Make several distinct, lifelong memories with my family. Write about those memories, and take pictures of us making those memories.
  • Have a more consistent exercise regimine, and turn to exercise instead of TV in times of stress :)

I have been terrible at taking pictures, but I will be better in 2013! Here are some favorite pictures from the holidays!

Here's to blogging again!