Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a fun, busy Christmas!!

Thursday, December 23rd:

Iles Family Christmas

The boys played a game of flag football. They were so cute huddling up together and chasing each other down. I'm not sure how much they understood about the game of football, but they did understand to get each other's flags!!

Terry organized an Advent candle reflection time where the boys (with the help of their parents/grandparents) read Scripture pointing us towards the birth of Christ. It was such a special time.

We then ate a wonderful meal set on a beautiful table!!

Then...presents!! You can imagine how fun it is with six grandchildren four and under. Whew!! The kids (including Sydney and K-Man) loved opening presents and we are having so much fun at home with all of our new toys!!

Friday, December 24th:

Our Family Christmas
We went to the Christmas Eve service, and we left 25 minutes into it!! K-Man was sleepy and Jack was's hard to handle three kids in a service!

Christmas Eve we opened our gifts, then tucked into bed to see what surprises lay ahead for the morning!

Clint got me this column-plant-holder thingy from the local art store in Alexandria. I love it! Right now I have some paperwhites growing, but I'm looking forward to putting different indoor plants on it.

Christmas morning Jack woke up to a new bike and a dump truck! He was so thrilled. Sydney and K-Man didn't have any big gifts on Christmas morning, but they did have stockings full of goodies, including Fruit Puffs and teething toys.

Sydney loves her new dolls!

Jack loves the babies' toys almost as much as his own.

Saturday, December 25th:

LaFitte Family Christmas

We loaded up Christmas morning and headed to DeRidder to have Christmas with my family. My grandparents were in, so it was good to have a house-ful!

Jack got a Hot Wheels race track and some cars from GiGi. He LOVES it! We have it set up on the rug in his room right now, which is off-limits to babies (which he is loving, also). I think the grown men enjoyed putting it together as much as Jack enjoys playing with it!

Sydney and K-Man got a load of new clothes, which they both needed. Thanks, everyone!

After supper we headed to my dad's house and spent some time with him. All three kids were being so difficult and were very tired, so we only stayed for a little while (and I think everyone was glad to see us go...ha!)

**Blogger won't let me upload any more pics...I"ll try again later***

Today we relaxed around the house and organized and cleaned. I'm taking down Christmas stuff just as fast as I can - I always feel back to normal when my house is back to normal!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Baby

For those of you who have been waiting on an update, sorry this has taken me a week! With a 7 month old, a 10 month old, and a 3 year old in the house, things have gotten a little crazy and the blog has not made the priority list. Ha!

I received an email at school last Friday at lunch from our home development worker that just said "Call me." I immediately knew it was about a placement. I called her while my 7th period was playing Human Body Bingo (don't tell) and she told me about a 7 month old boy that was needing a temporary placement for about two - three months. I told her that I would have to check with day care and call Clint and I would call her back. The baby was on his way from Baton Rouge (where he was placed previously) to Alexandria and they were trying to find a home for him by the time he made it to Alexandria. Calvary Day Care had an opening, so I called back and said that we'll take him! Jack had a Christmas party at 3:00, so by the time we made it home it was almost 4:00 and the foster care worker and the baby were waiting in the driveway.

We had a family wedding in Dry Creek in which Jack was the ring bearer, so we had to leave the house by 4:30 to make it there on time for the rehearsal. So, we took everything from the foster care worker's car into our car and headed to Dry Creek!

We will call the baby K-Man on the blog and of course I will not be able to share any of his personal information because of confidentiality reasons (and of course that's his business and I'm sure he would appreciate later in his life if the whole world didn't know his business). He is the sweetest baby and we have loved him being a part of our family. It's been an adjustment having two children that don't walk yet (!!) but we are learning to stay at home more and stay on a good schedule.

The plan is for K-Man to be able to go back home in a few months. Of course that timeline is dependent on several things. He could easily be with us for a longer or shorter period of time.

Please pray for K-Man, that he would continue to be healthy and happy. Pray for his family, as they make necessary changes to get their baby back and be a successful family. Pray for us as we raise a third child, even if it's just for a while.

Sydney and K-Man playing. They really do play well together!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Card Pictures

I bought a new camera with my pumpkin roll money this year! We dressed the kids up and took Christmas card pictures last weekend. They came out GREAT!! Of course, we couldn't get any good ones of them together, but I got several good ones of each of them.

Love this one of Jack. I think he had just passed gas. Classic.

And now he's really laughing at himself. He's the funniest person he knows. This one made the Christmas card and the frame for the wall.

Beautiful Sydney!Except her shoe was coming off, so her foot looks deformed.

This picture sums up my life right now.

I love this boy.