Sunday, September 26, 2010

7 Months Old!

Oh my goodness....we're past the half-way mark to one-year-old! It absolutely doesn't seem real.

At seven months, Sydney is:

  • eating lots of baby food. She will only take one bottle at daycare, but takes three containers of baby food while she's there.
  • wanting to scoot and crawl, but not quite there yet. While on her belly, she will rock back and forth while flailing her arms and legs. I've tried showing her how to scoot, but her belly is just so heavy. HA!!
  • sleeping great at night.
  • gaining more coordination while she plays with toys. She likes to sit in her high chair and throw toys off of her tray.
  • loving music! If she's is really fussy we'll turn on a CD and she'll immediately calm down.

First Race

Jack had his first athletic event on Saturday! The Rapides Junior Runners is a great organization that puts on a race once a month for five months. Jack is in the five and under category, and they run a half mile. We had to get there an hour early to register, and Jack played really hard on the playground. He was hot and tired before he even began the race! He ran for a couple of minutes, but he definitely brought up the rear of the race...ha!! I carried him across the finish line. We told him how proud we were of him, but he was very disappointed in himself. Even after he got his medal he wouldn't smile. He said that he wanted to practice before the next race.

He was so proud when we put his number on him! Look how red and sweaty he is before the race.

My Aunt Budda and Uncle Bill came to watch Jack run. He loves them! Aunt Budda and I are running a half-marathon in February.

Sydney does NOT understand why anyone would EVER run in the heat. She's mad just sitting in her stroller.

Jack is checking out his medal. He was so not proud of himself. Ha! (By the way, the shirt they gave him to run in is HUGE!! I'll have to doctor it up before the next race, which is October 16th)

Homecoming Weekend

What a crazy weekend!

At ASH, I'm in charge of the homecoming skit competition, the homecoming parade, and the homecoming court. Talk about a busy last few weeks! It was a lot of fun, but I'm definitely glad it's over and I can just focus on my classroom while I'm at school.

Jack was the crown bearer at halftime on Friday. He was all dressed up in a suit and brought a signed football to the queen. He was adorable! I realized very quickly that maybe he wasn't mature enough for all the attention this year. Maybe next year he'll understand what's going on and be a little more cooperative on the field :)

Saturday the court girls and their dates had pictures made at this beautiful house. We really had a great group of young ladies and I was blessed to work with them. They were gorgeous on Saturday!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

If You're Scared of Snakes, Don't Look at This

There was a dead snake in the road in front of our neighbor's house. I hadn't noticed it when I drove in, but Clint walked in the door all excited (of course!) He wanted Jack to go with him to see the snake, and since I'm just as much of a nature dork as he is, we loaded Sydney up in the stroller and we all four went to see the dead snake. Here's what we found:

4'2" Rattlesnake. About 6" circumference. Oh. My. Word.

Jack was quite excited about our great find.

Yes, the rattles are now a part of his nature collection. And the skin will be also once it finishes drying off.

We told Jack to make a scary face. Here's what he came up with. If you click on the picture, it will get bigger and you can see his crossed eyes. Ha!