Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girly Girl

My mom kept telling me to just "hang in there" until Sydney turned two. She always told me that my sister, Jennifer, cried until she was two years old (sorry for the public call-out, Jenn) and that Sydney would grow out of being so clingy.

She was right! (Of course...) Sydney has gone from crying anytime a stranger smiled at her in public to actually waving hi to random people! It's sooo wonderful! At home she is downright silly, goofy, and a show-off!

She found a (fake) pearl necklace in my jewelry drawer and just HAD to have it on. She then walked in the living room and found the camera and insisted that she "cheese." Sydney is at such a fun age and I just want to soak it in!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Only Jack...

Poptart had a dental appointment one day over the Christmas break. She did a great job and only had one cavity! Jack and Sydney were both so good for the whole wait and appointment, so the dentist gave the kids four tokens to use in the "junk machine." Poptart came out with two rubber bouncy balls. And Jack, oh Jack, came out with a stick-on mustache.

He wore it all the way home, feeling so cool. He would casually make conversation, stare out of the window, and lightly touch the nasty thing in pure joy.

The wonderful world of boys :)

And Sydney has become quite the oatmeal eater. Twice today, in fact! I had the camera out to take pictures of some shirts I made today and she started hollering for me to take her picture. She had just woken up from afternoon nap, looking pretty rough. All she wanted was oatmeal!

The real reason for her giddiness today? The older two are in school today. Mommy all to herself!!