Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach 2012

My dad booked an awesome beach house for a week this summer, so my sisters and our families went to beautiful Destin, Florida for a few days!!

Sydney and I had LOTS of quality time while Clint and Jack fought the waves. Sydney much preferred shoe shopping to the water!

Cool Jack ready to race

Laura and Bob were able to come all the way from Colorado. She misses me so much, can't you tell?

The LaFitte grandchildren!

LaFitte Family!

Sydney liked playing by the side of the pool 

Iles Family!

We entertained ourselves on the car ride there!

4th of July and Yard Stuff

 I have been a terrible blogger this summer, so I want to update (really for my own blog-book purposes) with one major summer event at a time!

Every year we choose one house project to tackle...our first year we painted, the second year we added landscaping (twice...darn ants), the third year we did more landscaping, and this year we decided to tackle the backyard. When we moved in, there was NO landscaping around the was quite terrible. The backyard had no grass, and there was no outdoor space to hang out. Now we have flower beds around three sides of the house (the fourth side isn't seen by anyone), so this year we wanted to tackle the backyard. Our budget was pretty limited, so we went with simple concrete squares, landscape timbers, and lots of pinestraw...and we got what we wanted! We lay sod across the entire backyard. We have watered and watered and watered. The sod has not done wonderfully, but I'm hoping with some fertilizer and grass seed to fill in the bad spots, it will be okay.

Jack and Syd the first day we were able to eat outside!

The day after we lay the isn't quite this green anymore :(

This awesome dog was ours for two weeks....then he ran away. It was quite sad!1

My super fun kids on the 4th of July!

This summer we have eaten lunch outside as much as we could. We listen for wildlife and make up crazy stories about the creatures in the forest.