Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Random updates (in a bullet list, of course!):

  • Jack started kindergarten!! He loves it, and he loves his teacher. I guess real-life has started because he has homework every. single. night. But he is making new friends, and learning lots!
  • I started a new job! Thank you, Lord!! I have a part-time position as the preschool and children's director at Calvary Woodworth. The first couple of weeks were stressful because school wasn't in session yet, and I was furiously trying to complete back-to-school monogramming orders. But now that I'm in the groove of it, I am LOVING my new schedule!
  • Sydney started daycare two days a week so that I could get some productive hours in at work :) It has been so good for her! She had a really hard time the first two weeks, but now she looks forward to her days "at school."
  • We had a hurricane scare! I was a little nervous thinking about all the LARGE trees surrounding our house (see picture below), but everything turned out okay here in CenLa!
  • Jack has been wanting to do a building project, so he and Clint built this little putt-putt castle. Jack was so proud!!
  • We bought a minivan! We have totally hit the frumpy jackpot :) We didn't expect to have a new vehicle for another year or so (and hopefully another kid or so...haha!), but we found a great deal and the Explorer sold quickly, so we jumped on it!
Here's some pictures!