Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Happenings

This spring has been so much fun around our house! There are so many spring/beginning of summer (since it all kind of runs together in good ol' Louisiana) activities that we have enjoyed, so I decided to just stick it all into one blog post. And since Poptart was with us for the majority of these activities, most of the pics include her!

Sno cones!! Last year, Sydney did not enjoy the sno-cone stand....but this year, we are in love. (And probably will have lots of "fluff" to show at the end of the summer for it!)
And if you know Poptart, this face is CLASSIC :)

We ate at Pluckers in Baton Rouge. We especially liked the fried pickles and Ranch dip. Sydney will tell you that their mac and cheese is to die for. 

We've been to the park ...  aka Sydney sits in the stroller while the big kids play. 

We went to the movies (both Sydney and Poptart's first time to go!)

We hunted Easter eggs

And got all dressed up!!

Sweet kids

He was not thrilled with taking many pictures, but we did get a couple of good ones!

The kids all got new swimsuits. 

Syd is quite proud of hers!

And obviously I can't figure out this new Blogger format. So, at least there's some recent pictures. Even if they are rotated the wrong way :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


If I could summarize the last four months, I would use this sentence:

God's love is far-reaching and relentless.

I have learned more about our Father's love since Thanksgiving than I ever have before. And I still don't know that much. I just know that I am so far from His standard; that my love is so inadequate.

Because, you see, He pursues me with such endurance, such passion. I am defiant, filthy, and self-centered. He sent His Son "WHILE I WAS STILL A SINNER." Not after I cleaned up my act. Not after I fit His mold.

I have grown more in awe of the fact that He sent His SON for us. That he sacrificed everything for me. And in the meantime, He never sinned. He never grew frustrated and lost His temper. He never said things He shouldn't have, or grew apathetic. He loves me with a perfect love.

I'll just say it: This placement was so hard. And I did not handle every fit and tantrum like I should have. I threw a few tantrums of my own :) And every day I was reminded and in awe of the incredible lengths God went to save me.

To adopt me.

Tonight my Poptart is home with her family. She was SO excited to go back home, and we were excited for her. It was hard to see her get in that state vehicle and know that we would likely never see her again.

But something happened a few weeks ago that gave me hope.

K-Dawg's mother accepted Christ, along with her nine-year-old son.

So, again I say:

It's so worth it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

House NOT for Sale :)

Oh mercy....

The Lord always knows what is best for us. Sometimes I do wish he would just "write it on the walls" and make this whole journey a little easier.

Or maybe He just wants us to seek Him relentlessly.

Yeah, that's probably it.

We decided to put our house on the market strictly for financial reasons. I have loved being home this year, and moving to another house would have made our budget a little easier to live with. BUT, we love our home and we love Woodworth. So, we were torn either way.

Through the whole process I just pleaded with God that He would place HIS desires in my heart. That He would make it clear to me what His will was for our family. I prayed that He would conform my heart to His wishes and His purposes. Moving or not.

Today our contract expired on the house in town, and we never had an offer on our house. And you know what? I'm completely fine with that.

Our house is big enough for five of us. Our yard is beautiful. Our land is private and so peaceful.

SO, on to home improvement projects! On to cleaning out junk that we don't need! On to building a patio in the backyard! On to.....enrolling Jack into Woodworth school??????? We still need to do some praying on that one :)

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4