Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

Here it is, folks!! Our Summer 2012 Bucket List.

I'm the type of person that needs a list, or nothing will get done. So, when I realized that Jack would be home for THREE WHOLE MONTHS this summer (slight panic!!) I knew that we needed to actually write down a list of creative, educational things to do, or the whole summer would get away from us.

I will try to take pictures throughout the summer as we complete projects/activities. No promises, though. I would just like to have it all on the blog so I can print it out later.

Please steal our ideas (since they are really other people's ideas to begin with). And if you're in the area, join us for some of our adventures!

Jack’s Summer 2012 Bucket List

1. Host a family car wash.
2. Picnic at the Park
3. Night walk in the neighborhood with flashlights.
4. Water balloon fight
5. Make a magnetic puzzle for the fridge*
6. Go bowling.
7. Do an exercise video.
8. Make ice cream sundaes
9. Go to VBS
10. Balloon Ninjas*
11. Rock painting
12. Play “Go Fish”
13. Feed the ducks at the pond
14. Go to the Splash Pad.
15. Play Balloon tennis*
16. Take a bath with the lights off with glo sticks.
17. Volunteer at the Manna House
18. Go to the movies
19. Go to the library and read 25 new books
20. Go to the zoo.
21. Have a puppet show.
22. Make crayon art*
23. Bathtub painting (colored shaving cream)*
24. Eat lunch with GiGi.
25. Spend the day in Dry Creek
26. BINGO Game with words in favorite movie*
27. Ride bikes at camp.
28. Go fishing.
29. Go hiking at Kisatchie.
30. Have a sleepover.
31. Have friends over for an Angry Birds game.
32. Sight words parking lot*
33. Make cookies for neighbors
34. Spend a day in Dry Creek.
35. Memorize 5 Scripture verses.
36. Learn 5 music notes.
37. Go get doughnuts.
38. Go get snocones.
39. Complete a kindergarten math workbook.
40. Make a dinosaur land.*
41. Go to the beach.
42. Go to a water park.
43. Play “Twister.”
44. Watch Star Wars.
45. Camp in the back yard.
46. Learn 10 states on the map.
47. Track summer growth on the wall.
48. Legos math*
49. Fly kites at Compton Park.
50. Make popsicles.
 *Found  on Pinterest

We completed #5 on the list today: Make a magnetic puzzle for the fridge. Thank you, Pinterest! I got a cheap puzzle from Walmart, stuck magnets on the back, and Voila! A superhero puzzle any five-year-old would be proud of. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Five Years Old

My Jack is five years old. My heart swells with love and gratitude when I think of Jack. He is such a sweet blessing, and we cherish every day with him. For his birthday party this year, he wanted all of his friends to play tag. Isn't that funny? (And probably the easiest birthday party ever!!)

Me and Sydney! We love taking pictures together :) 

Jack opening presents. This is a Captain America mask, and Jack LOVES dressing up. Perfect gift!

Soooo happy!

Birthday morning donuts made by Daddy!

Easter 2012 (Finally) and Other Random Pictures

I just can't get enough of Sydney Kaye in her swimsuit. I mean, can you stop smiling right now??

Jack is playing T-Ball right now, and we went to Woodworth Park to take some practice hits. I told him he needed to get angry at the ball. Here's his angry face. Be scared. 

Sydney and I did a Pinterest project for Mother's Day! Someone was selling these solid wood shutters for $5 each. We nailed some plastic pots and planted some annual flowers, hostas, and elephant ears. The two shutters nailed to the house are mine and the two leaning against the house will be going home with GiGi and Dee. Sydney really had fun helping me pot the plants!

I'm finally putting up some Easter pictures!! Here's the three LaFitte grandchildren!

The only picture of Jack smiling by himself. He was so ready to go play!

Sweet, sweet kids. 

Again...you can't stop smiling, can you??

Afternoon Fishing Trip

A couple of weeks ago we took an afternoon fishing trip to Valentine Lake. Jack has been asking about fishing a lot lately, so we loaded up and headed to the water! We didn't catch anything (of course), but it was fun watching Jack cast and reel over and over and over.  

Happy boy with his Spiderman fishing pole

Not Sydney's best picture :) We brought LOTS of snacks and drinks to keep her happy. It worked! She had just eaten a whole bag of popcorn and a bag of blackberries before this picture. 

Note: There is a scratch on my lens, and the scratch casts a shadow on some pictures....in this case, right on my belly. When this picture uploaded, I was like, "Wow. I look rather pregnant." I'm not, people. I'm not. :)

Very fun afternoon with my very fun family.