Wednesday, May 7, 2014

6 Months Old!

Half a year, already! It's unreal how fast it goes!! 

At 6 months, Ellen....
  • sleeps like a champ. 11-12 hours in her own crib nearly every night. It's wonderful!!
  • sitting up fairly well. She gets tired and falls over after a few minutes. 
  • starting to like toys. She loves her bouncy seat and exersaucer. 
  • loves her siblings. When Jack gets in the van in the afternoons, she hoots and hollers until he pays attention to her.
  • has learned to squeal. She reminds me of Jack at this age when she starts squealing.
Ellen is typically a pretty easy baby as long as she is on a schedule and allowed to sleep in her crib for naps. She has been coming to work with me, and until now she could sleep in the swing or in her carrier. Those days are now gone! 

She starts preschool the last week of May. She and Sydney will both go three days a week this summer. I'm sad to miss that time with them, but I'm very excited about being on a normal working schedule. We will make up for the lost time on Tuesdays and Thursdays! I have lots of adventures and lots of swimming planned!!

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