Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jack's 7th Birthday (Three Weeks Ago)

Can you believe Jack Iles is SEVEN  YEARS OLD!! He is definitely a big boy trace of preschool-days or toddlerhood left. He is changing before our eyes and it is so strange to have such an OLD kid!! It's also weird that I have moved up into the group of "the older moms"....  you know, the ones who have school-aged kids? I used to think those moms were old. Now I AM that mom.

We had a simple party at the house. Jack invited the boys in his class, along with some other friends, over to play basketball and eat pizza. They all had a great time. The Long family also came in that weekend, and it was so good to catch up with them and hang out with their kids! John and Leanne were our Mississippi family Jack's first year of life, so it was fun to share his 7th birthday with them, also!

At age seven, Jack loves: 
  • All things science...he got a volcano kit and a robot kit from us for his birthday!
  • Legos. The more challenging the better!
  • Running. We have signed him up for a big race next January and he already can't wait!
  • His sisters. He and Sydney argue and fuss, but they play so well most of the time! And he adores Ellen!!
  • Reading. He participates in AR at school and is the reigning champ for 1st grade. We have been majorly slacking this nine weeks though :-/
We are so thankful for this big boy, and cannot wait for the next decade of parenting him!!

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