Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring 2014

After SUCH a cold winter and weeks upon weeks being indoors with a newborn and then 8 snow/ice days, we are LOVING the spring time. Sometimes we sit outside just to sit there. We have taken many picnics, gone through lots of sidewalk chalk, and we have caught 16 fish as a family so far (I know that may not seem like much...but it is when you fish with a 7 and 4 four year old in a kayak!!)

Sydney and Jack have both been enjoying sidewalk chalk.

A group of friends over for Sydney's birthday

Playing in our wonderful yard!!

Lazy spring morning working on the alphabet...Ellen just thinks Sydney is hilarious!!

Picnic lunch at the neighborhood boat launch. 

 Ellen doesn't start preschool until the summer, so she is my working companion at home this spring. It has been wonderful to be home with her for so long, but I will be happy to have some working days without a baby on my hip!

Clint started a new job with Roy O. Martin, which means he had to turn in the truck to his former employer and get a new truck. I can drive this truck!! Sydney and I took it to the flea market one day. I could be dangerous if I drove a truck full-time!

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