Wednesday, January 22, 2014

30th Birthday

On Monday I turned thirty. THIRTY!! 30!!!! As my sister-in-law, Robin, said, "Well, I have four kids, drive a minivan, and I'm finding gray hair. I may as well be thirty." Except that I have three kids, not four, I ditto what she said!

Still, just 10 years ago, I was in college and planning a wedding. Since then we have gotten married, finished college, Clint finished his masters, I have worked four different jobs, made two big moves, we had three kids, and fostered three more. It's been a full decade, to say the least :) I'm hoping the next decade will be a little calmer....but then again Jack and Sydney will be teenagers by the time I'm forty, so maybe "calm" isn't the word.

My family really spoiled me for my birthday! They took me out to eat on Sunday and gave me the afternoon to work in the yard (my favorite). On Monday Jack was home from school, so while Clint was at work the three kids and I hiked on Kisatchie. We didn't intend on being gone so long, but they were having a blast, so we ended up hiking for 2.5 hours! Monday evening Clint brought home a king cake and cooked supper.

Clint gave me a beautiful necklace. He did good, y'all. I couldn't have picked out anything I love more.

With birthday money from family, I bought some new running shoes and workout clothes. It's time to get serious about losing baby weight. The third kid + turning 30 = no joke.  I love Asics, but they are so darn expensive. I found this LOUD pair for $60...I need some LOUD clothes to go with them!

This Friday my mom is keeping the kids, and Clint and I are going on a real, live date. Like, dinner AND a movie. WHAT!!

I'm looking forward to my thirties. I'm am enjoying these kids more and more as they get older. Everyone talks about how much fun babies are, but no one prepares you for what a BLAST big kids are. I can't wait for the years to come!!

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